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All My Servos is an educational robotics app for Raspberry Pi.

Biped Robot Picks Up Box

A Vanguard spec robot is controlled using commands calculate from a Blender armature, sent via RPC to a Raspberry Pi running All My Servos. An action has been created in Blender which instructs the robot to pick up a 15cm cube. The action is being advanced by moving the mouse across the action editor with the right mouse button held down. Any key framed animation can be uploaded to the robot over RPC. All My Servos can then assign it to a keyboard key.

Artificial Horizon

All My Servos provides a visualization of the effect of gravity on the IMU. In the video the robot is rotated in the following sequence:

Right (90 deg), left (90 deg), backwards (90 deg), forwards (180 deg)

Orthographic Representations

In this video the combined readings from the gyroscope and accelerometer of the MPU6050 IMU are mapped onto three images which represent roll, pitch and yaw. The complementary filter allows the gyroscope to take precedent while the orientation is changing but while the robot is still, the roll, pitch and yaw will tend towards the reading from the accelerometer.

Servo Controlled by Slider

All My Servos controls the Vanguard robot using on screen sliders. The angle of each servo can be manipulated using a TkInter slider. The original position can be reset and the new position can be saved. This pose should match the default pose of the armature as closely as possible.


We face some tough problems in robotics and we need all the help we can get. Anyone with an interest should be able to get started as easily as possible. For that reason, the software required to control your robot should be freely available.

The barrier to entry should be as low as possible so the maximum number of people get involved.

AllMyServos is educational software which is available for free.

If you want to support the cause you can donate using the following methods: